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NCO Partners is a New York based family owned engineering firm. We have consulted for many companies, from startups to Fortune 500, and have over 50 years of combined experience.


We develop and manufacture IoT and embedded systems prototypes using various micro-controllers, real-time programming, outboard circuitry, and single board computers to bring our clients' ideas to life.

NCO develops and manufactures automated PQ devices for electronics spanning various industries, including medical and consumer electronics.
All of our products and services come with cloud connectivity and user friendly controls that are functional across various platforms.
Our Team

Chris Valente - Engineering supervisor, marketing, and client relations. He has a comprehensive understanding and involvement in the IoT market as has an affinity for all things technology and is an avid audiophile.

Daniel Nocito - Head electrical engineer. He is an expert in embedded systems, mixed signal circuits and automation and has managed various projects for the Argentinian Space Agency (CONAE) and Navy.

He loves his granddaughters and supports their education in his spare time.

Stacey Cohen - Marketing and administration

Sonia Nocito - Accounting

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